Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soaak?

Think of Soaak as your best friend who’s always reminding you to stay in an elevated mental and emotional state – always encouraging you to be your best self.

Soaak fuses ancient practices with cutting-edge technology, addressing mindfulness, mental health, and wellness. Created from 5 years of in-clinic practice where sound frequencies and Mindful Intentions were utilized to address sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, low energy, brain fog, depression, low libido, and more.

See our proprietary Systems, Methods, and Protocols here.

How do I contact customer support?

For questions, comments, or concerns contact us at

Do you have an app?

Yes, we have an iOS App and an Android App. Soaak can also be accessed on Alexa and Roku.

Once you’ve signed up for Soaak, then download our app for an even better experience. You can also link your account with Alexa or Roku to have Soaak with you wherever you go.

What are Soaak frequencies?

Soaak sound frequencies are noninvasive, proprietary frequency compositions created in clinic, helping the mind and body resonate at healthy cellular levels – alleviating symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, hormonal imbalances, low libido, and more while elevating energy, focus, and mood.

How quickly will I see results?

Soaak sound frequencies align the body’s systems at a cellular level. Some people feel a difference after just one session, while most experience lasting change with consistent use over time. Best results are obtained when Soaak sound frequencies are paired with Mindful Intentions™ and a healthy lifestyle.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known adverse effects to sound frequencies.

Our members have experienced decreased anxiety and depression, improved energy and focus, better sleep, and much more!

Can Soaak sound frequencies be used by anyone at any age?

We feel that decision is unique to each user and suggest reviewing some of our testimonials.

We do not recommend any type of sound frequency while pregnant or nursing without first consulting a medical professional.

Are headphones required?

Not at all. The efficacy of Soaak sound frequencies doesn’t change whether you play them through headphones, stand-alone speakers, Alexa, or simply through your phone.

The Soaak community has experienced amazing results using all of these modalities.

Do the Original, Nature, and Music listening options have the same effectiveness?

Yes. Soaak sound frequencies affect your body on the cellular level, regardless of the listening option chosen, Original, Nature, or Music. Soaak sound frequencies can be played on virtually any speaker, including headphones or earphones, and will be heard by your cells, regardless of the volume or type of speaker selected.

Mindful Intentions
What are Mindful Intentions?

Mindful Intentions are affirmational phrases that evoke cellular alignment and a fresh positive perspective. Each Mindful Intention has been carefully crafted by experts who have personally used them to help manifest greatness in their own lives.

What is affirmation repetition?

Repetition is a great way to get better. As good as you are at something, you can always get better with repetition. Whether it’s mastering a difficult yoga pose, perfecting your serve, or really anything else you can think of.

Getting into a daily habit of speaking life-giving Mindful Intentions over yourself can create the life-altering changes you’ve been dreaming of. As your brain is trained through repetition, the things you speak begin to manifest in your life.

21-Day Immersion Programs
What are 21-Day Immersion Programs?

Our 21-Day Programs provide education, inspiration, and insight from global thought leaders, business executives, and world-renowned experts. Over each of the 21 days, powerful 1-4 minute audio segments are sent directly to your phone, read by the experts themselves.

After one of our 21-day immersions, you will be more educated, informed, and inspired on the topic you selected. Get this life hack today and speed up the progress to any of your goals exponentially!

Can I listen to more than one 21-Day Program at a time?

To support focus and create life-enhancing habits, only one 21-Day Program can be active at a time.

However, you can always revisit past days that you’ve completed from other 21-Day Programs regardless of the program that is currently active.

Technical Questions
Can I play frequencies with a weak internet or cellular connection?

If your Soaak frequencies are stalling, not loading, or not playing, get the free Soaak iOS App to download your favorite frequencies for offline use.

Why am I not receiving text messages?

You must provide your phone number and opt-in to receive text messages from Soaak. You can add or edit your phone number and change your opt-in status anytime from the Account Settings page.

All non-U.S. phone numbers will receive push notifications through the Soaak app in lieu of text messages.

Membership Questions
What does the Soaak Membership Include?

The Soaak Membership includes the entire Soaak sound frequency library, two daily Mindful Intention messages, and unlimited access to all of our 21-day immersion programs. For more information about the Soaak Membership, and the VIP Wellness Plan, visit our Pricing page.

How will I be charged for a membership?

Soaak memberships are charged on a recurring, monthly basis. Your membership can be canceled anytime from the Account Settings page.

How long will I have access to Soaak after canceling my membership?

After canceling your membership, your access to Soaak continues as normal until your next billing date.

What are HSA and FSA card payments?

Soaak accepts payment from both health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible savings accounts (FSA). These are pre-tax options to pay for certain health and wellness expenses. Please check with a financial advisor for your qualifications.

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