Systems, Methods & Protocol

What is Soaak®?

Soaak is the leading provider of frequency alignment at the subtle energetic and cellular levels, recommended by professionals in the mental health and wellness space, including medical practitioners, therapists, and scientists.

Soaak provides digital frequency sound therapy that is clinically proven to boost mood, bolster productivity, increase mindfulness, promote a deep night’s sleep, and decrease levels of anxiety and depression.

After five years of in-clinic success and countless testimonials, the Soaak protocol is now available outside the clinic on any mobile or Alexa-enabled device. Modern technology allows Soaak to offer its mobile mental health and wellness solution to the masses.

Proprietary Systems & Methods:

Each Soaak frequency composition is developed using proprietary systems and methods, considered trade-secret by the company.

Based on years of in-clinic practice, technicians have assembled and mixed frequencies and sounds to address the most commonly found symptoms affecting mental health and wellness. Tunes, tones, volume, pitch, cadence, and certain properties of sympathetic resonance and quantum expression are a few of the many factors considered in the process. Unlike binaural beats, Soaak frequency compositions are carefully curated and layered for maximum strength and specific intended outcomes. When adding music, voice, or other sounds to a Soaak frequency composition, great care, consideration, and technical know-how are required and utilized for each layer added.

Sympathetic Resonance:

Sympathetic resonance is clearly seen in experiments with tuning forks, where one tuning fork is caused to vibrate in the proximity of another that is not vibrating; the one that is not vibrating begins to match the vibrational frequency of the one that is vibrating, without being physically touched, and will continue to vibrate even after the primary vibrating fork has been muted.

Sympathetic resonance has similarly been demonstrated in experiments with stringed instruments, like a piano or guitar. When a specific note is played on one instrument, then abruptly ended, that same note is found vibrating on the other instrument of the same kind, and in proximity to the first instrument, in the exact same manner and vibrational frequency, without the aid of any other physical external stimuli.

Through sympathetic resonance, when a healthy and stable Soaak frequency is played and vibrates in proximity to an unhealthy, unstable frequency in the body, over time, the unhealthy one begins to yield and resonate as the healthy one, even at subtle energetic and cellular levels. This process supports positive outcomes when addressing unhealthy frequencies that are identified by symptoms such as depression, stress, low energy, brain fog, low libido, and other mental health issues.

At the quantum level, everything is possible, simultaneously, and across all dimensions, at once.

FDA & Soaak:

The FDA does not recognize quantum and has not ruled on it, as quantum cannot be measured on the levels required to satisfy current FDA rules and regulations. Soaak does not make any claims, as nothing that includes quantum theory or expression meets current FDA requirements.

Soaak uses various scientific experiments, clinical experience, and quantum expression, coupled with years of customer testimonials and feedback, to create its proprietary systems and methods. These systems and methods are primarily used to address and support the most commonly seen symptoms affecting mental health and wellness. Efficacy and outcome may depend on the recipient, as each person is unique and may respond differently given their current mental, physical, and energetic state.

Digital Frequencies:

All matter emits frequencies, and the frequencies of our cells can easily be disrupted by everyday stressors. Soaak frequency compositions are designed to realign unstable frequencies in the body, by causing the unstable frequencies to begin resonating as the healthy Soaak frequencies, through sympathetic resonance. Choose a frequency composition from our ever-expanding frequency library, offered in three unique listening styles: Original, Nature, and Music.

Mindful Intentions:

Soaak Mindful Intentions (positive affirmational messages) strengthen frequency efficacy. Our thoughts control the frequencies at which we resonate, and every word holds a specific resonant frequency. Being intentionally specific of our thoughts and words is the most powerful frequency-changer we have as humans.

21-Day Programs:

Soaak 21-Day Programs are customized 21-day programs focusing on specific topics, delivered by celebrities and an array of professionals. Each program focuses on a specific area of your life; giving you the tools needed to overcome challenges and manifest massive positive change.

Soaak uses these systems and methods to encourage and remind the body to vibrate at healthy energetic and cellular levels, relieving and supporting the elimination of undesired symptoms and mental health issues.

Is Soaak the same as meditation?

Soaak can be used with or without meditation. Soaak boosts the meditation experience dramatically by adding expertly curated frequency compositions and Mindful Intentions created for specific outcomes to each session. Soaak works effectively and immediately.

Those with symptoms of depression or anxiety may find it difficult to meditate, as their own thoughts would result in negative outcomes, referred to as “negative rumination.”

By contrast, the Soaak protocol works in a twofold manner to align the body system in a shorter time period. Each expertly curated Soaak frequency composition has been designed to oppose negative symptoms by bringing the depressed or anxious low vibrational frequency of an unhealthy body system back into alignment at the cellular level, independent of what a person may be “thinking” about.

From our five years in-clinic, we found the same to be true when addressing all forms of stress, insomnia, brain fog, low energy, low libido, and more. Many of our customers compare 5-10 minutes of Soaak to one hour of meditation, but with better results and more successful outcomes.