Clinically Proven Frequency Compositions

A “whole-person” approach to help reduce stress, decrease anxiety and boost energy.

Clinically Proven Frequency Compositions

A “whole-person” approach to help reduce stress, decrease anxiety and boost energy.

Sound Frequency Therapy Within Your Reach

Scientifically backed and clinically proven to help you.

Alleviate Anxiety
Boost Energy
Support Mental Capacity
Promote Better Sleep
Relieve Pain
Elevate Mood
Reduce Depression
Improve Hormonal Health
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App Features

New Interface

Discover ease and efficiency with Soaak's redesigned interface: intuitive, user-friendly, and sleek to navigate your wellness journey.

Sound Frequency Compositions

Immerse in a curated library of 30 scientifically backed sound frequency compositions for holistic wellness - balancing mind, body, and spirit.

Dual Audio

Soaak's Dual Audio feature allows you to blend therapeutic frequencies with your favorite tunes or podcasts, enriching your listening experience with wellness.

Mindful Intentions™

Set a powerful tone for your day with Soaak's Mindful Intentions, daily affirmations that aim to uplift and align your thoughts with purposeful action.

21-Day Immersion Programs

Unlock your full potential through 21-day programs, led by experts, covering areas such as health, relationships, finances, and more. These master classes are crafted to inspire positive change.

Health Biometrics

See Soaak's impact on your well-being in real-time. Effortlessly track and analyze your vital signs and optimize your health journey.

Virtual Health Concierge

Get personalized health guidance at your fingertips with Soaak's Virtual Health Concierge, offering customized wellness tips and insights.


Join Soaak's Leaderboard to connect, compete, and celebrate wellness milestones, fostering community support and personal achievement.

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Holistic Approach

The inter-connectedness of the mind, body, and spirit refers to the idea that these three aspects of our being are closely linked and affect one another.  Our thoughts and emotions can affect our physical health and well-being, and our physical health can also affect our thoughts and emotions.


The mind is our cognitive and emotional center, responsible for our perception, thoughts, and emotions.


The body is our physical vessel, the source of our movement and sensation, and the place where we experience the physical world.


The spirit is the non-physical aspect of our being, associated with our sense of self, our inner essence, and our connection to something greater than ourselves.

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21-Day Programs

We know that your time is limited, so we provide 21-Day Programs that combine the extensive knowledge of our experts with clinically-proven frequencies through powerful doses delivered in 5 minutes or less.

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“The anti-anxiety frequency is my new travel buddy! I always listen to Soaak while I'm flying. It's great that you can download the frequencies in the app.”

Lilly T.

26, Content Writer

“Better sleep quality! I’ve also found support for TMJ pain, headaches, and anxiety. It’s the most powerful care package I’ve ever received. Thank you!”

Joel N.

42, Hedge Fund Manager

“I love listening to the frequencies while doing other activities. Like sitting in the sauna, reading, doing dishes etc.”

Jessie L.

59, Retired Teacher

“I would highly recommend Soaak to those seeking a daily positive change in their lives!”

Michael M.

33, Software Engineer

“I have noticed such a huge difference since Soaak! I can just tell my energy is better. I’m a lot happier. I’m more playful. I’m getting more done. It is amazing!”

Taylor F.

36, Marketing Director

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