The Abundance Mentality

with Sean Kouplen

Learn how an Abundance Mindset helped shape the life of one of the Nation’s most recognized business leaders, and how it can shape yours too.

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In this 21-Day Immersion Program, you will learn the mindset I established to overcome the many obstacles and challenges in my business and personal journey that resulted in a life that exceeded my wildest expectations.

— Sean Kouplen
What Will You Learn?

Sean Kouplen reaches over 175,000 people each morning with words of inspiration and encouragement, and even more through his podcast. Listeners tune in to learn how he came from nothing to create and run, as CEO, of one of the Nation’s fastest-growing banks, own and invest in several companies, serve as the Secretary of Commerce for his State, give towards various philanthropic endeavors, and still have an abundance of time and energy to coach his son’s little league baseball team!

You can also tap into an abundance of time, energy, and resources to make your dreams a reality. Start living your own life of abundance today by listening to “The Abundance Mentality” from one of the world’s foremost thought leaders himself!

  • How to change your life with an abundance mentality.
  • How to let go of your past to inherit your future.
  • How to be flexible and reach all of your goals.
  • How to turn your setbacks into comebacks.
  • How to train your mind to be laser-focused.
  • How to prepare for the miraculous in all areas of life.
Meet Sean Kouplen

Sean grew up in the small town of Beggs, Oklahoma, population 1,240. He worked tirelessly from daylight to dark on the family farm and went to college at Oklahoma State University. Sean was involved in the FFA and excelled at various significant leadership roles throughout his time in school.

He founded and is the current CEO of Regent Bank, which grew from a small bank in a small town to one of the nation’s fastest-growing banks with assets of over one billion dollars!

He served as the Secretary of Commerce for Oklahoma and currently owns and invests in several businesses. He loves sports and is the coach of the Tulsa little league baseball team that went to the world series and became famous for “the hug felt round the world!”

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What’s Included In Sean's 21-Day Immersion Program?

In addition to Sean’s 21-day immersion program, you will also have full access to the same Soaak Sound Frequency Technology that Sean uses himself, clinically proven to address anxiety, stress, depression, and lack of sleep, while increasing energy, focus, and mood!

21-days of impactful lessons and real-life stories, narrated by Sean, teaching you the exact steps to create the mindset of abundance necessary to achieve your goals.

Two custom 20-minute Sound Frequencies – one to promote success, self-confidence, and elevate your mood. The other has words of affirmation spoken by Sean, to train and condition your mind for abundance!

21-days of positive affirmations directly from Sean delivered to your phone, aligning your thoughts with an abundance mentality (E.g. “I am open to the miraculous.” – Sean).

Real-life personal stories of tragedy and triumph, told by Sean himself, that will inspire you on your own journey.

PLUS! Full access to clinically proven sound frequencies.

Unlimited access to other 21-day programs by world-renowned thought leaders and experts on topics such as business, body, mind, spirit, wealth, relationships, abundance, and more!

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