Overcoming Addiction

with Grace Maher

If you feel like you may be addicted to alcohol, drugs, or something else, listen to Grace, who has lived through and overcome what she now teaches.

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In this 21-Day Immersion Program, you will learn the mindset I established to overcome my addiction. The steps I used are proven and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in detail.

— Grace Maher
What Will You Learn?

Whether you are sober-curious or embarking on your first program of recovery, Grace shares her experience, strength, hope, and courage in this 21-Day Immersion Program. Grace is an entrepreneur, leader, speaker, and successful executive with over six years of sobriety which includes working with other addicts, and attending meetings regularly. Listen as she reveals the most intimate parts of her own recovery, along with the steps and encouragement for yours!

  • How to surrender fully.
  • How to embrace being uncomfortable.
  • How to let go of resentment.
  • How to take responsibility for your actions.
  • How to release the burden of guilt.
  • How to let go of anything that is not serving you for a happier and healthier life.
Meet Grace Maher

Hi, I’m Grace, and I am grateful to share my experience, strength, and hope from my journey in recovery with you. Recognizing that I had a problem was just the beginning of allowing myself to find freedom from the grips of addiction. While the idea of a life of sobriety was daunting, I was desperate for change. All I knew was that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I was riddled with regret over feeling like I was constantly playing catch up, wreaking havoc on my life, and making poor decisions. I was resolved to at least clearing out all of the angst and getting healthier, even if it meant a more boring existence.

I thought, “No more fun nights with friends. No more sitting on patios. No more great times out.” I thought I’d never have any fun again, even though, looking back, I wouldn’t classify my life as fun. That’s the sad part about addiction. When the abnormal becomes your normal, you don’t really know the difference. I was desperate to try something different because the relief I was chasing from alcohol wasn’t working anymore.

I came into recovery not as a bad person trying to get good but as a sick person trying to get healthy. I have found new freedom through utilizing a twelve-step program which I will be referencing, along with my own journey, over the next 21 days. I want to tell you that the gifts that have come from living a life of sobriety are far more than I ever could have expected. Thank you for joining me as we discuss a process that has been proven to help millions overcome addiction for almost a century.

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What’s Included In Grace's 21-Day Immersion Program?

In addition to Grace’s 21-day immersion program, you will also have full access to the same Soaak Sound Frequency Technology that Grace uses herself, clinically proven to address anxiety, stress, depression, and lack of sleep, while increasing energy, focus, and mood!

21-days of impactful lessons and real-life stories, narrated by Grace, teaching you the exact steps to overcome addiction and start your own journey towards sobriety.

Two custom 20-minute Sound Frequencies – one to promote success, self-confidence, and elevate your mood. The other with words of affirmation spoken by Grace, to train and condition your mind to be an overcomer!

21-days of positive affirmations directly from Grace delivered to your phone, aligning your thoughts with overcoming addiction (E.g. “I realize that I have been powerless over my addiction, and today that is changing.” – Grace).

Real-life personal stories of addiction and sobriety, told by Grace herself that will inspire you on your own journey.

PLUS! Full access to clinically proven sound frequencies.

Unlimited access to other 21-day programs by world-renowned thought leaders and experts on topics such as business, body, mind, spirit, wealth, relationships, abundance, and more!

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