My Relationships

with Team Soaak

It’s easy to struggle with relationships, especially in a world filled with technology, social media, and social distancing. We need to think about what we’re putting into our relationships and what we’re receiving from them because newsflash you have control over both!

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When we release old hurts and pains we help clear years of stagnant energy that can be keeping from our own personal happiness and fulfilment.

— Team Soaak
What Will You Learn?

The My Relationships 21-Day Program was written by experienced relationship experts to ensure you have the tools needed to radically improve your relationships, set healthy boundaries, and live your best life!

  • How to practice forgiveness and find your true happiness
  • The impact forgiveness has on us and everyone around us
  • How pursuing the desires of your heart leads to your best self
  • How to draw healthy boundaries to be and feel your best
Meet Team Soaak

The Soaak team represents decades of experience in mental health and wellness, clinical practice, business, technology, and philanthropy. Team members have received numerous awards and have been recognized in their areas of expertise nationally and internationally at the highest levels. These talents, experience, and insights were combined to leave an undeniable positive impact on the world at large in the creation of Soaak.

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What’s Included In Team Soaak's 21-Day Immersion Program?

21 Days of Teaching and Special Soaak Frequencies
21 days of deep dive teachings from Team Soaak paired with program-specific frequencies and guided meditation sessions to help you love and appreciate your body in ALL of its glory.

Daily Mindful Intentions™
An integral part of the Soaak protocol are positive Mindful Intentions™. We send them directly to your phone every day to help you align with your goals.

PLUS! Full access to clinically proven sound frequencies.

Unlimited access to other 21-day programs by world-renowned thought leaders and experts on topics such as business, body, mind, spirit, wealth, relationships, abundance, and more!

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