Mindset for Muscle

with Zik Asiegbu

Ready to get ripped? Tap into the power of Sound Frequency Technology with Zik’s new Mindset for Muscle 21-Program, and get the results you’ve been waiting for.

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Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. You just have to put in the work, and don’t let anything get in your way.

— Zik Asiegbu
What Will You Learn?

Nothing happens by accident. With dedication, determination, and the right mindset, you can create powerful results. Learn Zik’s mindset for muscles directly from Zik himself!

  • How to reach your fitness goals
  • How to set and use goals to reach the next level
  • How your mindset shapes your body
  • How to keep your head in the game
  • How confidence impacts your success
  • How to fuel your mind and body for success
Meet Zik Asiegbu

Zik became popular with the rise of his YouTube channel ‘ZIAS’. Before becoming a YouTube sensation, JustZik was newly out of college where he earned many credits to his name as a linebacker and a three-year letter winner at Tulsa University. Zik has also been successful in wrestling and track events. Fitness has always played an important role in Zik’s life, keeping him mentally and physically sharp and powerful.

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What’s Included In Zik's 21-Day Immersion Program?

21-Days of Power-Packed Coaching from Zik Himself

Two Custom 20-Minute Sound Frequency Tracks for Working Out

21-Days of Affirmations to Align Your Mind with What You Want

21-Days of Inspiration That Will Change Your Life

21-Days of Hyper-Focused Body Transformation

PLUS! Full access to clinically proven sound frequencies.

Unlimited access to other 21-day programs by world-renowned thought leaders and experts on topics such as business, body, mind, spirit, wealth, relationships, abundance, and more!

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