How to Find Your Moxie

with Lizz Carter-Clark

Join actress, author, and EMPOW(h)ERment speaker Lizz Carter-Clark as she teaches how to believe in yourself, achieve your greatest potential, and break free from a comparison culture that affects nearly everyone!

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We're all beautifully flawed, but sometimes if we don't love ourselves, it's really easy to become bitter in our relationships and get to a place where we don't want others to win.

— Lizz Carter-Clark
What Will You Learn?

Learn how to love yourself, accept your flaws, and trust your intuition while becoming the greatest version of yourself in How to Find Your Moxie. Recognize the lies that live within our culture and the lies we let ourselves believe because if the lies aren’t exposed and recognized, then we can’t change our thoughts and overcome them.

Explore components of confidence, collaboration, competition, and more, as Lizz shares from personal experience how she found her moxie and practical ways that you can find yours too.

  • How to find and follow your purpose
  • How to elevate your self-confidence
  • What it means to be an empathetic leader
  • How to break free from comparison culture
  • What to do to build stronger community cultures
  • How to reach your greatest potential no matter where you’re starting from
Meet Lizz Carter-Clark

Lizz Carter-Clark is an international speaker, nonprofit founder, best-selling author, and actress with a heart for helping young people recognize their true worth. She spent the past 20 years on screen, on stage, and mentoring collegiate women. Lizz can be spotted on “The Young and The Restless”, “Baby Daddy”, “Jane the Virgin”, “Nashville”, and other shows for major networks and studio films alike. 

Her best-selling book “How to Find Your Moxie” is a roadmap to empowerment filled with grit and grace that explores Lizz’s personal journey of life lessons and human behavior theories she speaks about on college campuses.

Lizz now travels the globe conducting workshops, producing EMPOW(h)ERment Events, and presenting Keynotes about self-worth, comparative culture, and “how to be a change-maker” on college campuses everywhere.

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