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Elevate your mind, body & spirit with the Soaak VIP Wellness Plan.

The Soaak VIP Wellness Program provides a three-month individualized wellness plan based on your genetic profile. Your wellness toolkit will include monthly genetic tests to measure and optimize results, detailed reports, personalized frequency compositions, mindful intentions, meditations, and more.

Soaak Membership vs VIP Wellness Plan

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VIP Wellness Plan
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How It Works


Intake Form & Test Kit

After purchasing the VIP Wellness Plan, you will receive a  link to complete your intake form via email and receive your test kit in the mail.


Testing & Analysis

Once you have collected your samples, use the prepaid envelope to return them for analysis. Based on your results and personal wellness goals, a custom plan of action will be created for you. 


Results & Plan of Action

One of our holistic health practitioners will send you a personalized video, guiding you through your results and plan of action.


Your VIP Wellness Plan includes two additional test kits to retest every four weeks to track your results and progress.

What's included.
$10,000 value.

Wellness Test Kits

You will receive three test kits. One immediately and the second and third, four weeks apart for each of your retests. This process allows our practitioners to modify your plan as you improve.

Detailed Wellness Reports

This personalized wellness report is created from your genetic profile and details the status of your cells, tissues, organs, and more. It identifies the status of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, inflammation, digestive dysfunction, cardiovascular health, hormone imbalance, immune function, thyroid dysfunction, allergies, and the presence of pathogens such as parasites, mold, fungus, and environmental toxicities. Additionally, this report shows the status of energetic body systems such as chakras and meridians.

Sound Frequency Compositions

Based on the results of your detailed wellness report, a custom frequency composition is created to address your specific needs.

Every cell and organ in the body has its own distinctive vibrational frequency or oscillation, and when these oscillations are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, stress, or emotion, it results in a disruption of that biological function. Which, when not addressed, can bring about fatigue, depression, anxiety, illness, and other symptoms.

Listening to your custom frequency composition each day, helps correct abnormal oscillations in your body through entrainment and sympathetic resonance – bringing your body back into alignment for perfect health. A new custom frequency composition is created with each test kit.

Customized Meditations

Specific meditations created for you based on areas identified as needing improvement from your test results. Meditation topics could include relationships, abundance, health, success, anxiety relief, and more.

Personalized Affirmations/Mantras

Words of affirmation created for your unique needs as identified by your test results, in written and audio form for ease of use. Your audio track pairs your personalized mantra with your custom frequency composition for greater efficacy. These words are intended for you to speak daily, reinforcing positive and healthy thoughts that elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Annual Soaak Membership

The Soaak Membership provides unlimited access to our extensive sound frequency library, featuring the top frequency compositions from our clinic, as well as a diverse selection of 21-Day Immersion Programs led by global leaders and experts in their field. Additionally, the membership sends you daily affirmation messages and inspirational deep dives to help cultivate optimal mental strength and stability.

VIP Wellness Coach

One of our highly knowledgeable holistic experts will meticulously evaluate your test results and generate a comprehensive wellness report that outlines the steps necessary for attaining optimal physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

As part of your VIP Wellness Program, you will also receive a personalized video from one of our practitioners, who will take the time to explain your wellness report in detail and provide actionable steps for improving your overall health and wellness. With our cutting-edge technology and commitment to holistic health, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible support for your well-being.

Optimize your life.

At Soaak, we believe that health and wellness are crucial for individuals at every stage of life.

Soaak’s frequencies help optimize the body's natural rhythms to promote physical, emotional, and mental balance.That's why we utilize cutting-edge technologies to provide sound frequencies that have been clinically validated and scientifically supported to enhance the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit holistically.

Let us help you optimize your life today!

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“The anti-anxiety frequency is my new travel buddy! I always listen to Soaak while I'm flying. It's great that you can download the frequencies in the app.”

Lilly T.

26, Content Writer

“Better sleep quality! I’ve also found support for TMJ pain, headaches, and anxiety. It’s the most powerful care package I’ve ever received. Thank you!”

Joel N.

42, Hedge Fund Manager

“I love listening to the frequencies while doing other activities. Like sitting in the sauna, reading, doing dishes etc.”

Jessie L.

59, Retired Teacher

“I would highly recommend Soaak to those seeking a daily positive change in their lives!”

Michael M.

33, Software Engineer

“I have noticed such a huge difference since Soaak! I can just tell my energy is better. I’m a lot happier. I’m more playful. I’m getting more done. It is amazing!”

Taylor F.

36, Marketing Director

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